Oneness In God

by Michael Gondo

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Oneness is a revelation. Unity is revelation. I encourage many to read this book. Furthermore, this books gives us a platform as the body of Jesus Christ to begin to engage on some meaty issues that we do not necessarily discuss and engage in in our every day life. A radical book that will definitely steer the body of Christ in the right direction.

About The Author

Author: Michael Gondo

Mike Gondo is an entrepreneur, business leader, author, speaker, mentor, coach and philanthropist. Mike desires to see the body of Christ awaken, rise up, occupy, function and respond as new covenant believers appropriating the fullness of the inheritance that was purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ and creating their own economy.

Mike is the Founder & CEO of Alight Life, a registered financial services provider, Founder & Chairman of MCG Foundation and Co-Founder & Chairman of Daddy’s Girls Trust.