Money In The Kingdom Of God’s Economy

by Michael Gondo

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

This book highlights some of the core and key principles relating to how Money works in the Kingdom of God’s economy and financial system. Money in the Kingdom of God’s economy is premised on the total application of the Word of God – both the written (logos) and the spoken (rhema) as roadmap, towards becoming economically and financially successful. Money comes as a by-product and is an outcome of seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

The choice to live and operate in the Kingdom of God’s economic and financial system, requires a dimensional shift from what one is generally accustomed to in the world’s economic and financial system. This dimensional shift requires one to make a decision about transitioning from the world’s economic system and to become dead in the Kingdom of God’s economic system. This books aims to encourage discussion, debate and engagement on these core principles with the objective of setting and equipping believers to embark on a path and course to experience the Kingdom of God’s economic – and financial success.

About The Author

Author: Michael Gondo

Mike is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist who has a keen interest in contributing towards equipping and growing the Body of Christ through writing books, fellowship and discipleship. Mike is the Founder & CEO of Alight Life (Pty) Ltd, Founder & Chairman of MCG Foundation and Co-Founder & Chairman of Daddy’s Girls Trust. Mike has authored books such as “Oneness in God”, “Joint Heirs with Christ” and “In God We Trust.”