White Sands

by Barney de Jongh

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Cindy de Beer, an innocent girl from small town Port Nolloth, meets her future husband in San Fransisco. Eight years later she returns home as the wife of an American diplomat. A mysterious parcel arrives for her husband at their Pretoria home.

An ex German arms dealer makes his way across the Atlantic to personally deliver an urgent message to his American client. Following him to Alaska to find answers, a fellow countryman has no idea that the reunion with his adversary will result in a continental haul to the shores of Africa.

Cindy returns to her home town for an unexpected vacation with her husband and starts putting together the pieces of a complicated puzzle with the help of lifelong friends. Her friend’s father gets drawn into a web of deceit by a visitor and unknowingly becomes the centre piece of an intriguing plot linking the parcel’s path across continents…