Three Profiles Of Youth

by Neville Heuer

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WEEDS OR FLOWER? That is the questioning for any parent raising a child who will eventually enter the social environment – either to make more weeds or flowers! In this book the reader is confronted with the issues that face Youth in the exacting task of living. No one – parent or child – is exempt from these issues. If you don’t know about them, chances are that you will add to the problems that abound.

It is never too late to learn about anything. Taking a flight or bus to Cape Town won’t get you to Johannesburg. No matter what you do, your destination is assured by your choice. If you don’t know about this kind of thing, life can be cruel. You land up where you choose to be – whether your choices are informed or not!

In this book, Professor Neville Heuer will conduct you through the issues that you need to know about as a parent or a son or a daughter. In an imperfect world populated by imperfect people, it is more than likely that these imperfections are going to impact on you and your family. Where do you go for advice? On whom can you call? Here, in these pages, comes the answers to life’s issues.

Professor Heuer is a pastoral analyst/counsellor/life skills practitioner who offers thirty-seven years of experience in dealing with people – deeply trouble people – from all ages and walks of life. He has lectured, guided, university students through the study of people behaviour and their need for care – making an invaluable contribution. As a Christian minister, he also brings Christian perspective to these issues.

Whoever you are – parent or young person – this book will enlarge your understanding about yourself and the true meaning of being human and being a human being.