The Love That Saved Me

by Nomzamo Mosia

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Love doesn’t just happen only between a man and a woman. True Love happens the moment we get to realise that we are created in LOVE TO LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE! Instead of looking for “The love of your life,” rather find yourself in God’s love and then you can begin to live the life you love. I have seen how many people go on about “The love of my life,” as, “they say,” yet, they are not living the life they love, simply because they are waiting for someone to love them instead of learning to love themselves by knowing how much God loves them. Why is it that people find it easier to love others, while they find it difficult to love themselves? I believe that this book will inspire you to allow Love to find you. Allow Love to Love you and see how Love will save you from all that is not supposed to be in Your life. Love will lead you to a life of love, freedom, purpose and passion. This is a life that you will definitely fall in love with. Our purpose in life is to enjoy Love, not to endure injury to your soul or let your life be endangered because want to be loved, don’t pause your life, simply because you seek to be loved. Allow Love to find you. Allow Love to show you your worth, your value and your identity, so that you may learn to shape the life that you would love to live! Choose to live in love because that’s the place to be for everyone. A lovely life begins with falling in Love with our beginning because from the beginning, all that God wanted for us and still wants for us, is to begin in His endless Love that leads us to unending joy and never-ending peace!