Fathers & Daughters

by Nomzamo Mosia

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Many young ladies have found themselves in relationships that they don’t even want to be in, all because of an absent father. They look for their father in every male figure they meet. The most painful thing is missing someone who was never there and trying to understand why they live their lives as if you don’t exist. I was dying inside to have a relationship with my father. He knew I was alive but He continued to live his life like I was not his and he lived like I wasn’t alive. Everything changed when I found out about the Father who was dying to have a relationship with me. He died and came back to life just to have a relationship with me, and to hear me call Him “Father”. Realizing this is “A FATHER AND DAUGHTER MOMENT.” He is a Father who went out of His way to make a way for me to call Him, “Father, God.” He is a Father from which all fatherhood derives its origin and form. He is known to be a mender of broken hearts. He is always near to us, making sure that we don’t live in fear because we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. He couldn’t wait to be our Father. He couldn’t wait for us to be born. He created you and me in utter seclusion. He knitted you together in your mother’s womb. He came out of the tomb to shower you and me with His tender mercies. Realizing my Heavenly Father’s devotion towards me, I am now in motion with no commotion, only promotion. I am promoting greatness and I have demoted mediocre.