Leviathan Walks

by Candice Rijavec

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While nightmares are filled with things that go bump in the night, reality cruelly grasps you, as you suffocate from the scaly claws grasping firmly around your neck, squeezing tighter and tighter. Indescribable fear paralyzes you; haunted by the thoughts, wondering if the last thing you will ever see are the deathly evil eyes piercing into the depths of your soul and the echoing eerie sounds, hypnotizing your blood to turn cold.

You are one decision away from a totally different life.
~ Mark Batterson ~

This statement could not have been any more accurate because of the horrible decisions I had made, one after the other, with each one spiralling me into worsened situations. Ultimately, each of my decisions could have ended my life, without me knowing it.

This is my four-year journey of betrayal, trauma, turmoil, life and death, weird and the bizarre, and the impossible made possible… and yet, still merely only a portion of the devastation caused by my connection to the Krugersdorp Killers as well.