The R.O.C

by Mxolisi Makunyane

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

The R.O.C is a book directly created for re-fertilizing the barren soil in order to return its ability of producing gifted beings and offering a land of opportunities. It aims to achieve this through five in-depth chapters containing discourses with multiple topics ranging from the revelation of one’s character to the environment the revealed character will function and exists in. This is clearly not a “read to finish” book but a lifetime study manual.

About The Author

Author: Mxolisi Makunyane

Mxolisi Makunyane is an overall creative writer, institution “problemist” and a metaphysics speaker with a radically challenging tone to his body of work. His passion is based on elevating the state of human consciousness with the goal of liberating them from their systematically captured brains.