The Power Of Women

by Masauko Sulamoyo

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Since time immemorial, women have been instrumental in the civilisation of our world, as a matter of fact, the level of the success of women in the 21st Century has reached unprecedented level; From the Garden of Eden, where the first woman manipulated the first man; to the resurrection of Jesus, where the controversial Mary Magdalene became a torch-bearer of Christianity; to the Renaissance Era, where Leonardo Da Vinci mystified us with the picture of a woman called the Mona Lisa; to our modern society where Angelina Jolie and the first woman president in Southern Africa, Joyce Banda, defied all odds. My book titled The Power of Women, has depicted the women who have spurred this civilisation.

About The Author

Author: Masauko Sulamoyo

Masauko Sulamoyo was born on 25 July 1983 in Blantyre of Malawi. As a fortune-hunter, he came to South Africa and started working as a gardener. Ironically,  through divine intervention and a series of critical incident techniques, he is currently studying Human Resource Management with A.B.E of UK and he also works at Rudesheim Meats in a managerial role.