The Macab Ducklings

by Loretta Rajkumar

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

The Macabs are a warm and loving family, who live together in a happy environment. They are parents who teach their children to listen to instructions. It is obvious that in every family, we have “one black sheep”, as often said. Here, the eldest of the two ducklings, Boaz, doesn’t listen and it’s always him that the parents have to worry about. He causes a serious incident, which could have caused him to lose his sister. Nevertheless, the parents gave their son a stern warning.

This book is written to help parents, elders and grandparents instill discipline and obedience in children. If parents give instructions, children must obey and do as told.

About The Author

Author: Loretta Rajkumar

The Compiler and Author, Loretta Rajkumar, has always been passionate about children and education. Her passion also extends further into song writing, books, poetry and people in general. Beyond this, she prides herself in being a Crusader for the community, which led her into Politics in KZN Legislature as an MP. She won International Song Writing, in a Poetry Competition, and, currently, she writes Gospel Songs for a Local Artist. Rajkumar believes that she still has much to offer the universe. Being a doting grandmother and a writer of children’s stories, going forward with novels, she wants to continue penning lyrics. Good health matters to her and she is an activist of non-violence against women and children. Her love for God and people motivates her to keep moving forward.