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Triumphant Living

Triumphant Living Devotional was birthed out of the numerous questions asked by my friends, family members and audiences wherever my teaching and preaching ministry took me. Over the years I realised that I would not always be available for these question and answer sessions because of other…


The Heart Of Friendship

Friendship is important and needs to be cherished. Some of the greatest relationships we will have in this life are those that we have with close friends. Authentic relationships take effort and work. The key to friendships is not trying to find the right person. It is being the right person. The commitment is…


My Sowing & Reaping Journal

The purpose of this journal is to help you keep a record of your financial sowing and what you are believing God for, as well as keeping a record of your harvest. I have discovered that keeping a record of my sowing helps to stay focused and single minded in my prayer life. It is also a “point of contact” for…