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The Love That Saved Me

Love doesn’t just happen only between a man and a woman. True Love happens the moment we get to realise that we are created in LOVE TO LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE! Instead of looking for “The love of your life,” rather find yourself in God’s love and then you can begin to live the life you love. I have seen how many…


Love Freedom Live Passionately

The purpose of freedom is not for freebies; but for us to freely live out the wealth of our dreams. With this book I want to remind my generation that those who came before us fought for the freedom we have today; simply because they had DREAMS. It was not because they wanted freebies, they fought for…


Fathers & Daughters

Many young ladies have found themselves in relationships that they don’t even want to be in, all because of an absent father. They look for their father in every male figure they meet. The most painful thing is missing someone who was never there and trying to understand why they live their lives as if you…