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The Best Friend
Chronicles Of The Krugersdorp Killers

I laid down my life, to save hers. I could have lost my life, all for a lie. So, now I lay down her lies, to help save the lives of others. I had disconnected entirely from the full reality of everything: the lies, the betrayal, the fact that the person I once called, “Best Friend,” ultimately, searched for just over an entire decade to find me to kill me… and in the most brutal and sadistic of ways. The story of the Krugersdorp Killers took the world by storm in 2016, but Cecilia Steyn and everything…



Standing on the edge of one of the tallest buildings in New York. Staring at the blue city lights. Beautiful but hopeless. Empty. Meaningless. How could a world full of people, not notice my pain? How did I get here? You don’t just suddenly want to end it all because of once incident. It comes from living a life…