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The Tears Of A Tortoised Poet

From Homer’s epical poetry that catapults strong-minded men into dilemma of thoughts – To Shakespeare’s thought-provoking sonnets that storms spectators as prisoners of reason – To Michelangelo’s thorny piercing poems that arouse hearts into romantic cacophony – To T.S. Elliot’s poetical hymns…


The Power Of Animals

Have you ever wondered how the world would have been like without animals? As gullible as they ostensibly look, some of these creatures possess burning wisdom that so seems to give us food for thought. From the birds of the air that mesmerised Leonardo Da Vinci to design a flying machine – to the…


The Macab Ducklings

The Macabs are a warm and loving family, who live together in a happy environment. They are parents who teach their children to listen to instructions. It is obvious that in every family, we have “one black sheep”, as often said. Here, the eldest of the two ducklings, Boaz, doesn’t listen and it’s always him that…