Sing A New Song

by Lyndie McCauley

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Growing up in South Africa and living through its miraculous changes, has taught me so much about life; how to forgive and overcome the bondage of the “fear of man”.

As the walls of Apartheid came tumbling down in our nation, so did the walls of insecurity come down in my life!

In Sing A New Song I share from the depths of my heart about the importance of being who God wants you to be – without reservation!

He is not concerned about things like: your age, skin colour, gender or nationality. All He desires is that you will allow Him to love you and raise you up to your full potential in Him. As you respond to that love, you will discover that there is much more depth inside of you, than what you have ever realised.

No storm should hinder you or hold you back from fulfilling His plan for your life. Within YOU lies tremendous potential. So, run your race to win and do not look back for God is with you!