Silenced Victims

by Faith Sithole

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In this book Evangelist Faith Sithole is introducing us to the things that have victimised the older generations which were also inherited by our generation. She looked at all aspects of life and carefully studied the origins of particular teachings, practices and indoctrinations and began to challenge those. She was once a victim of an indoctrination that she was forced to follow and as a result she suffered the consequences thereafter.

Allow me to ask you this question: What are the practices that you follow and believe in, of which you’ve never had the courage to challenge? These practices could be from your religion, relationships, marriage, family, and all the different aspects of your life.

Please take a moment and carefully reflect on those and begin to notice how they have affected you, your family and those around you, and begin the journey of understanding the origins therein. In that regard, you would be taking the first step towards breaking the generational indoctrination and you’ll have an opportunity of becoming a new path-setter and your kids will not fall in the same pit as you and the older generations.

This book is an introduction to topics she’s yet to write and speak about, for now just reflect and start breaking those indoctrinations in the corner right where you are.