Power, Greed & Division

by Bethuel Kgamanyane

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The further you get into this book, the more it unfold something that will make sense to you. Previous, the engine that drove the economy was integrity, thrift, and trust. Today, the engine that drives the economy is greed, speed and profits. The boundary is increasing and is tight; the material world is becoming a way of life, and aspirations for expensive items have become a source of sorrow. Status symbols are a curse to mankind, not a luxury, for those who have them for the sake of their pleasure and luxury! Will we ever be able to enjoy the eternal pleasures that God has promised us? The possessor has the time to find pleasure, poor strive for his morality, his greatest treasure. My investment is comparison, sincerity and rectitude, ‘cause they never fail. Let the rest restitute.

In the shadow of Pilanesberg, overpowered by weather and discontent, I stand lonely the escarpment and manage to be lost in staring blue sky for an hour, thinking of justice and freedom in our hearts.

From the discomfort we are going through,
No one is willing to see us surviving, no one!
There‘s no love, no peace, no unity like even before!
I am crying for the future we are making!
I am a cryptogam of love; not a child of the black sun,
So I try loving to satisfy love.
We long and love but never loved!
Even when the sun set for us, will we ever being loved?