My Secret Pain

by Nomsa Gwebu

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This is my first book and it healed my pain in a very amazing way that I didn’t expect it to. I am a new mother with a different life and loving more.

Growing up without my mother was so sad that all my life I was sad. I grew anyway and I saw it all. School was more important in my life and I still love learning more. I hated that no one in my family was interested in my education. When I was looking for help, they all looked away. My father was not interested in what was going on in our lives. I would try asking him to buy me a school uniform so I could start High School but he sent me back with nothing. I was very heartbroken but l moved on. My granny kicked me out and I moved on. My two little girls passed away in my on arms in my early twenties but I moved on. I don’t know how much more pain I have to go through but I keep myself strong and believe in myself. I know that God is always watching over me and making me stronger everyday.