Leading Of The Lord

by Rufus Famodimu

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Leading of the Lord will challenge you, and provoke you to go on a spiritual search with the intention to find out the power that actually determine the outcome of the events in the life of individuals and the emergence of communities  and Nation States.

Then you will know that there is a God in heaven, the revealer of all secrets (unknown to Man) the maker and owner of this universe, He is the one who ordains and removes, gives and takes. He is the God who should be worshipped and believed, then you will receive His guidance to destiny.

About The Author

Author: Rufus Famodimu

Rufus Famodimu is the founding Pastor of Amazing Grace Christian Centre which is part of Rufus Famodimu Ministries in Mafikeng, North West province South Africa. Rufus Famodimu has a knack for giving people a sense of purpose when life seem materialistic and meaningless. Rufus holds annual conferences where all his branches comes together to receive powerful teachings. He further has bible college where all Pastors are trained to become great Men and Women of God.