Leadership Nuggets

by Lihle Vernon Mqayi

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Leadership is the by-product of self-discovery and commitment to fulfil a life purpose. Leaders are therefore not defined by titles bestowed upon them; their inner being and choices reveal their leadership. You may have doubted yourself as a leader. This book will give you basic leadership nuggets you can relate to as you emerge as a leader within your area of influence. These leadership nuggets will inspire you to act in line with your leadership mandate and will empower you to hold accountable those who are leading you, while you are also being held accountable. As a mentor, do not only read this book for yourself, but purchase it for those you are mentoring as a sign of adding value to them!

About The Author

Author: Lihle Vernon Mqayi

Lihle Vernon Mqayi is a dynamic visionary leadership coach and mentor certified through I CAN Leadership Institute Africa. He is also a certified public speaker and life coach. He holds the bachelor degree in Leadership and Management through Logos University (USA), and B.Sc. Honours in Environmental and Water Science through the University of the Western Cape (RSA). He is the founder and chairperson of Potential Leaders Network, and the co-founder of Colours of Love.