If You’re Not Growing You Are Dying

by David Molapo

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Author

Author: David Molapo

Dr David Molapo is a top Management Consultant, Educationalist and renowned Motivational Speaker. By using a fine combination of humour, incredible stage presence and his personal life experiences, he has a unique ability to capture any audience with his message of hope.

Through his public appearances, his books and his stints in the media, David is able to effectively motivate, inspire and guide more than a million people every year in South Africa. He provides them with the confidence and tools they need to change their lives and those of the people around them.

At the age of thirteen, David was imprisoned for political activities. In jail an amazing process of change started in his life, which transformed him to become the successful businessman, leader, husband and father he is today.

David believes…

We are no longer prisoners of our past.
We are pioneers of our future.