How To Win Before You Begin

by Keenan Paulsen

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

This is an inspirational, self-help book aimed at achieving performance enhancement for individuals already technically competent at their chosen sport. As the title suggests, it proposes to win the competition within the mind before ever playing in the actual event. It focuses on the development of the inner athlete, and will assist readers to navigate between emotions, thoughts and beliefs while playing and practising.

The wisdom contained in this book is a consolidation of life experiences, education and revelation, as well as various observations from successful individuals and champions.

The book is strategically written to encourage self-awareness as well as personal mastery and aims to help its readers achieve a level of self-actualisation that would otherwise not be possible.

About The Author

Author: Keenan Paulsen

Keenan Paulsen is an inspiring and thought-provoking leader and authority on performance enhancement. He has excelled at the amateur and professional level in his chosen sport, golf, representing both province and country. Now he is using his dynamic teaching gift to facilitate optimal performance seekers on their journey of self-discovery! Keenan is extremely passionate about reaching his personal potential and assisting others to reach theirs!