From Ashes To Inheriting A Throne Of Honour

by Portia Monaledi

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This is my journey and my experiences in mourning and grieving the loss of my husband; something which caught me completely by surprise. I was widowed, with four children. It was an event that changed my life in a matter of seconds. Life, as I knew it, was over. I had to find a way to pick up the pieces of my devastated heart, broken dreams and a shattered life, and then re-build a new life for me and my children; a life that no longer included my beloved husband. I had to find a new meaning in life and a new way to relate to myself and the world around me. I address common issues when dealing with loss: how to mourn as a family; dealing with an identity crisis, as you transition from being married to widowed, and then becoming single again, being a single parent and more.