Effective Praying

by Sylvester Ovwighotu

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Effective Praying is more than speaking words to God, it is an art that can be learned. God answers every prayer that meets the condition revealed in the Bible. Effective praying is born out of a relationship with our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not how many words that you speak that counts but how “deep” your communion is with the Holy Spirit.

There are several keys that make for effective praying: “The way you pray to God is a product of what you know of Him and what you know about God will affect what you expect of Him in response to your prayer.” You can pray the right words, use the right scriptures and not get the right result if you don’t know Him that is the answer to all prayers.

God loves to answer prayer but we need to rediscover the lost art of effective praying… It is a new dawn.

About The Author

Author: Sylvester Ovwighotu

Revd. Sylvester Ovwighotu is an ordained minister of the gospel and founding President of Lifegate International Christian Commission based in Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria. He started out as a businessman and has served God at different leadership levels in the (Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International). Revd. Ovwighotu is a prolific author and teacher of present-truth, a motivational speaker, a columnist in several Christian Magazines and a New Testament Prophet. He is graced with a distinctive unction to minister in signs, wonders and diverse miracles and is widely travelled. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and conventions. Revd. Ovwighotu is married with children and has been in the ministry for over two decades.