Dreams Worth Dreaming

by Tebogo Matjie

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Dreams Worth Dreaming talks to people who have big dreams but few resources. You can have big dreams but if you don’t have faith or courage, don’t believe in yourself, don’t understand the process and don’t understand the purpose of prayer, then you will not make it.

I reside in a Township where the system is the same, the houses are the same, and when you tell people about what you want to be or achieve, they laugh at you because their surroundings are not designed for big dreamers but rather for people who want to fit in. This not me. I had to fight for everything that I have achieved, regardless of my bad upbringing and challenging circumstances.

Dreams Worth Dreaming is a book that helps big dreamers chase their dreams. This is a book with content where no alarm clock is needed; my passion wakes me up. This book will inspire young people, who come from impoverished backgrounds, to believe in their dreams. We live in a world, today, where the Government and people invest in people who see a problem and are able to come up with a solution. This book will be accompanied by my Documentary Greatness Within You, which showcases the issues young people are faced with, as well as the work I have been doing in inspiring the world.