Connecting… The Cross

by Sello Mkhondo

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This book was written with an understanding of the cynicism by many of the intellectual class, and therefore written with an unbiased analysis of the origin of the Bible and Christianity, including the emergence of doctrines over time. The book further explains scripture on a factual basis, without any personal interpretations outside of the written Word of God.

The back-to-basics teaching in the book challenges existing myths and doctrines associated with Christianity.

The book starts on an historical trip in the development of the Bible, and journeys on the tenets of Creation, the power and nature of God, as well as explaining the context of Jesus the Christ from the time of Creation up to today. The legal nature of divinity is, hopefully, well-articulated as it is the universal law that governs all that has been created. The near obliteration of Christianity under the Roman Empire is historically chronicled, as well as the resulting proliferation into different sects of the “religion.” Ultimately, time is spent to explain in detail what Christianity really means and its expectations among people of God.