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The Armor Of God & My Cape Of Invisibility

A lot of you that read this will have been through similar and even worse situations. For others who have not experienced these things, there may be moments where it will be overwhelming and even sometimes sound “far-fetched”. I am not trying to make you believe anything. I am simply sharing what has…


The Puppet Master

Having lived a life encountering a seemingly endless stream of Narcissists, I’ve learnt the constant repetitive and predictable traits, trademarks and tricks that they deal out in manipulating people. How do you deal with them? Run! But if you’re stuck, I can at least reassure you that you are not losing your mind…


Me & Myselves

If you have grown up one way all your life and have never known anything different, you automatically think that’s how life is for everyone. I did not know that many things that happened, throughout my life, were actually not considered “normal”…