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The Threshing Floor

The Holy Spirit in a gentle manner impressed in my spirit that the threshing floor it is not just a place of suffering and judgement, it is also an ultimate place of worship, adoration and intimacy with God. We commune with God with bread and wine, we find favour and the blessing of the LORD at the threshing floor…


The Splendiferous Splog

Meet the Splog. He is different. He doesn’t fit in with everyone else. He gets teased a lot. The Splog started to hate himself and became very sad and lonely. He hates that he is different and decides to hide away in his hole, all alone… Until one day, he discovers just how splendiferous he really is! A book for…


The Tears Of A Tortoised Poet

From Homer’s epical poetry that catapults strong-minded men into dilemma of thoughts – To Shakespeare’s thought-provoking sonnets that storms spectators as prisoners of reason – To Michelangelo’s thorny piercing poems that arouse hearts into romantic cacophony – To T.S. Elliot’s poetical hymns…