Blessed To Increase

by Shejeni Mahlangu

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book


This was God’s first mandate after He had created man. Man was blessed and commanded to increase or multiply. Since the first day man was put on earth, the devil has been devising and planning to reverse this order – to decrease everything the Creator has blessed mankind with. If he can’t stop God’s plan, he will at least try to let it happen with misery and pain. Irrespective of all the injustice and oppression, mankind has reached seven billion as he increases on the face of the earth. The mess and curse of poverty, sickness and failure, resulting from sin pollution, have affected every generation of the human race.

You might ask, “Is a life of increase in every area still possible and within reach for every one of us?” In your hand you are holding a book with keys and a message of hope. You were created and blessed to live a life of increase. You can replace the life of failure and shame with dignity and fame. Start with what you have and wherever you are.

About The Author

Author: Shejeni J Mahlangu

Shejeni J Mahlangu is the Pastor/Founder of Covenant City Worship Center in Ermelo, South Africa. It is a ministry dedicated to transforming lives and empowering people to realize their God-given dreams in life. He is also a Leadership Mentor, Life Coach, Motivator and Author of several books. More than anything he is a Father to many sons who ascribe the success of their callings and giftings to his influence and values in life. He and his wife Lindi are raising two celebrities, Shammah and Patience.