Arch’s Hallow Volume 1

by Dane Chung

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

“Dane Chung goes for gold on his debut!”

After his family is brutally murdered, Wyatt wakes up as the only survivor, in a town called ‘Arch’s Hallow’. Wyatt is forced onto a path that leads him into the menacing heart of the town and its people.

Safe are they who dwell within the walls of Arch’s Hallow.

But when the danger is born from within, Wyatt and his new found allies become prisoners to a greater unravelling revelation.

No place is safe now.

“My name is Wyatt… I survived… I woke up in Arch’s Hallow… and now I wish I hadn’t.”

About The Author

Author: Dane Chung