Ambassador For Christ

by Samantha Pillay

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Each of us represents our own personal journey within our own world, this makes us unique and different. Do you understand why God allowed certain things to happen to you and why? We have been given free will and we tend to miss the road of divinity that leads to a supernatural life by focusing on the counterfeit roadway that appears to be intriguing. We create an evil corner in our minds to store negative, unhealthy feelings and emotions to cause distress which shows in our outward appearance.

That corner needs to be evaluated,  it needs to be cleansed because it collected too many years of dust and you always seem to miss that area when re assessing  your heart. Find the door which is opened for you to get to that corner and start by wiping the dust. It’s a slow process but by faith you will nail it. Change the unhealthy habit by applying a new positive habit and use the willpower God gave you to practice until its almost perfect. But remember, you can’t do it on your own strength. God has something big for you, he is within you therefore he is never late and always on time.  Let him help you steer your ship so that you can be a blessing to others.

About The Author

Author: Samantha Pillay

Wife and Mother.

Founder of T.E.A.M – To Elevate and Motivate.

To inspire and uplift readers. Breaking down the day to day trails and challenges into manageable situations, striving for the equality and betterment of all.