Accept Your Calling

by Luke Van Weren

Format(s): Soft Cover Print

Language: English

About The Book

Accept Your Calling is a heavenly assignment which was given to Luke by our loving Jesus in 2008 during a time of intercession at three in the morning. At this time Jesus said in an urgent voice, filled with compassion and love: “Luke, I need workers.” That encounter activated the birth of this book.

Accept Your Calling is actually a means to sound the trumpet to countless numbers of people who are delaying their calling, refusing to enlist as an end time worker. The book deals with various topics such as unlocking your calling; stop making excuses; and who’s initiating your calling? The author also uses Biblical characters such as Jeremiah, Moses, Mary and Abraham to show how they responded to their calling. Accept Your Calling is a timely call to activate the destiny of many.

About The Author

Author: Luke Van Weren

Luke Van Weren is a principle-oriented person who takes pride in the effectiveness of ministry growth. His joy is to assist ministers, lay ministers and ordinary people to reach their full potential, hence his passion and slogan: Everyone has something to offer.

Luke founded “Mentormeluke” a mentorship school which offers a range of programs such as: relationship enrichment, youth empowerment, life coaching and leadership development.