A Life Completely Changed

by Pat Button

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My life got off to a rocky start – I was an illegitimate child born during the Second World War, and during the first six years of my life I was pushed from pillar to post and ended up in an orphanage.

At the age of six and a half I was adopted by my uncle and aunt and sent to a very good private school as a border – a very confused an insecure child.

My stepmother was a godly woman and during my holidays she taught me about the love of God my Father. I had my first experience of the presence of God at the age of seven. Until the age of 22, I was torn apart by divided loyalties between my birthmother, who tried to buy my affections, my stepmother, who I admired, and my grandmother, who I adored.

This book tells how I came to know the Triune God at the age of 42. Up until that point, I had always felt like a caged bird, even though I had always kept my eyes on God… but then I was set free! From then on, I came to know and experience the one and only true God and His faithfulness, through very deep valley and mountain top experiences which I share in this book. And today, at the age of 76, I can speak about A Life Completely Changed and I give God all the glory.