Stop Bullying

by Loretta Rajkumara

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Bullying in schools is a cause that is very close to my heart. It is heart breaking that even though we will react in shock and horror when an incident is revealed, but then our attention quickly forgets the victims. What we need to understand is that bullying is a serious social scourge. It not only effects the victims but their families as well. The perpetrators must not be forgotten and that their actions are symptomatic of more serious underlying issues, as they, themselves, might have been victims of bullying. Bullying is a vicious cycle.

When I served as a Member of the KZN Parliament, I brought up the issue of bullying as part of the education portfolio committee. In visiting schools, I witnessed the frustration of the educators who often complained that their hands were tied. The question is, “Should parents be held accountable for their children’s behaviour?”

We need to collectively address this scourge of bullying and break this deleterious cycle. We need to engender empathic children and foster an environment of peace and tolerance. This book highlights this societal scourge and starts a conversation that will give birth to tangible action. Let us change the narrative. Bullying frightened little children will result in them growing up to be the hateful, vengeful adults, in a world that is increasing the scourge of bullying. Children need to be taught to be kind and compassionate towards their fellow beings to respect and value them as their equals.