Innocent Sibanda is a seasoned pastor, a teacher of the Word and an Apostle, called by Jesus. He has helped in the founding of more than sixteen ministries in South Africa, as well as outside of South Africa. He has studied the Greek and Hebrew languages. He has taught largely on the basic principles of prophets and the problems that ministers of the Gospel face.

He is a scholar, a graduate, a teacher by profession, a law student and he is studying for his PHD in religion.

He is a distinguished businessman, being a director in four companies, and he has written best-selling books:

1. The Pains of the Pastor
2. The Beginners Handbook Part 1 to Part 3
3. Single Mom as well as many more.

Be open minded, as you read lnnocent’s book, because he addresses many issues that men of God dare to address.

He graduated at RBC, Randburg, and he has also learnt leadership skills at CFCI, VAAL CAMPUS.

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