Enterprising In Faith

by Franly Nkulu

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How do we enterprise in faith? To help us memorise the seven steps, I use the acronym HOW, which stands for Hearing the Voice of God, Observing the Word of God and Waiting for the Hand of God. The acronym HOW in turn is a summary of seven habits with the acronym TACTICS, which stands for Train, Align, Control, Train, Insist, Care and Settle.

1. Hearing the Voice of God:

  • To train our spirit to watch for inspiration.

2. Observing the Word of God:

  • To align our mind to God’s like two wheels through meditation.
  • To control our emotions with God’s word’s instruction.
  • To train up our will to follow God’s way’s direction.

3. Waiting for the Hand of God:

  • To insist to say what we want to see in manifestation.
  • To care for others’ well-being in compassion.
  • To settle to wait upon the Lord’s solution.