Bagaka Vol 1: With The Silence That Protects

by Esther Mathulwe

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There is so much pain in the society caused by the diagnosis of incurable diseases. There is sometime a perception that some of these medical conditions seem to be affecting those who are even most disadvantaged. This is because people who are seen as role models refrain from sharing their experiences.

HIV/AIDS is not an exception from these medical conditions. It has affected so many high profiled people and because of their standing in the society, they shy away from sharing their stories. This leaves others feeling even more isolated and afraid to live fulfilling lives.

While reading this book the scriptures will become so alive that you will not want to believe anything else when is not found in the word of God.

The book will challenge you to:

  • Live a life of victory through a victimizing incurable disease
  • Set you on fire to change a test to a testimony
  • Change your vocabulary from “why me” to “why not me”
  • Touch the universe and cause it to obey the creator not creation