365 Wealth Creation Declarations

by Quinton Zunga

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You are what you think and what you think is what comes out of your mouth. You need to control your thoughts and what come out of your mouth. 365 Wealth Creation Declarations book has been written to help you on the journey of wealth creation by helping you frame your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth.

The book explains the mystery of affirmations or declarations and how they work. It also gives you understanding of the reasons why one needs to use declarations in their day to day life especially those seeking change. It finishes off but looking closely at wealth creation affirmations and how they can assist individuals on a wealth creation journey. It concludes by providing a list of declarations that can be used for 365 days.

By practising these declarations for a period of time a person will shift their mindset and as the mindset shifts tangible results will start to be seen.

Reprogramme your mouth and mind by declarations contained in this book!